Aiman Hamdan, MD, Elected President of the National Arab American Medical Association, NJ Chapter

An avid representative of the Arab medical community, Aiman Hamdan, MD, Director, Cardiac Catheterization-Lab, (SJRMC) was elected President of the National Arab American Medical Association’s (NAAMA) New Jersey Chapter. Dr. Hamdan’s year-long term began on January 1, 2016 and is the second time Dr. Hamdan has been elected president for NAAMA’s New Jersey Chapter.

“Being an active member at SJRMC and President of the chapter will help build stronger relationships between the Medical Center and the Arabic medical community,” said Dr. Hamdan in response to the election results. “It works both ways, being a key community leader in Paterson will further strengthen the relationship between the medical center and its surrounding Arabic community which it serves.”

NAAMA is a nonprofit, nonpolitical, educational and humanitarian organization whose members consist of medical professionals of Arab descent or those who have a close affinity with individuals of Arabic origin or those who demonstrate a commitment to the mission and organizational objectives of NAAMA. The objectives of NAAMA encompass a wide range of professional, educational, charitable, humanitarian and cultural activities.

Dr Hamdan’s election comes at an exciting time. With over 27 chapters around the United States and Canada, this year, NAAMA’s 38th National Medical Convention will be held in New Jersey this September.

The Cardiac Catheterization-Lab at SJRMC provides state-of-the-art integrated care. The lab is part of Heart and Vascular Services at SJRMC which offers patients a comprehensive Cardiac Program that integrates their diagnostic, medical and surgical services, allowing for the diagnosis and treatment from simple to complex coronary and vascular conditions.

January 27, 2016